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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chakwal Girls - Mobile Phone Numbers Photos and Videos

Girls of chakwal (Talagang, Choa Saiden Shah, Kallar Kahar, Dhudial, Tamman and Lawa) are well educated because overall literacy rate in Chakwal is very high, Chakwal is amongst the top ten cities of Pakistan in literacy rate. Use of mobile phone by girls is very common in Chakwal and its surrounding cities but it is the matter of fact that the girls of this region don't misuse the mobile phone. Girls only uses this gadget for good purpose. Because most of them belongs to the professional as lady doctors, homoe lady drs, advocates, teachers, lecturers, nurses, bankers and much more:

Beauty of Chakwal and especially Lawa is very famous. Chakwalians are very attractive and beautiful and they are nice and well mannered too.

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